What is your promotional image? Do you use social media to market your business? Have you developed a marketing game plan? Discover how multi-level marketing, tracking and evaluating your efforts can grow your business.

Tuition $25

Hours: 3


Discover how to use In-design to market yourself and your business in this quick and easy format. Bring an idea and create a project to help grow your business.

Tuition $39

Hours: 6


Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Oh My! Where to start in choosing your social media platforms, how to manage and develop a social media marketing plan will be discussed to help you and your small business succeed.

Tuition $25

Hours: 3


Ever wanted to create a specific marketing piece? Explore this essential software to improve your marketing materials. Add impressive designs and layouts to your creations and leave with a finished product ready for print or digital media use.

Tuition $49

Hours: 9