Come meet our "Makeup Whisperer" and develop the confidence to add a couple of new looks to your beauty routine. Practice several foolproof techniques to prepare your face for makeup application, take your daytime look to evening and create the baffling smoky eye.

Tuition $25

Hours: 2


This one day, accelerated course in crappie fishing is taught by three experts: Kyle Cortiana, Todd Huckbee, and Gary Rowe. They have years of experience in guiding, tournament fishing and pursuing year‐round fun with America's favorite panfish, the crappie. Instruction covers a wide range of tips and techniques for local waters, with a heavy focus on jig fishing and making the most of your electronics for finding and catching crappie in all seasons. All new content for 2019, so here's your opportunity to make sure you do more "catching" than fishing. The registration fee includes on‐site lunch and a lure pack. Tuition: $99 Hours: 8

Tuition $99



Don't let skipping chains and flat tires get in the way of you and the road! This hands-on class will cover bike tune-up and maintenance which includes tire and tube replacement, chain maintenance, brake adjustment, and simple derailleur adjustment. Bring your bicycle.

Tuition $45

Hours: 6


Interested in starting a new hobby or pursuing a career in taxidermy? Develop a working knowledge of the principles with an introduction to bird, big game, shoulder mounts, and life-size and pedestal mammal mounts. Demonstrations with birds, big game, and exposure to novelty taxidermy. Gain hands-on experience in skinning birds, deer, and waterfowl.

Book cost $30

Tuition $145

Hours: 15


Prerequisite: TXDM-3333.

Continue to build on your intermediate taxidermy skills as you gain experience in the use of tools, materials, and techniques in the preparation of big game mounts. You will learn what materials are needed for big game (deer size) taxidermy, and gain knowledge of specific mounting techniques, big game reference material, habitat references, tanning techniques, displaying technique, and finishing touches that lend to artistic realistic mounts by addressing anatomy.

Book cost $82

Tuition $245

Hours: 30


Prerequisite: TXDM-3333.

Life-Size Taxidermy is designed to give you hands-on experience in mounting small mammals for a new hobby or pursuing a career in taxidermy. You will mount a life-size fox squirrel, enriching the working knowledge of taxidermy principles that can be used to prepare all life size mammals.

Book cost $50

Tuition $245

Hours: 30