Prerequisite: HLTH-3463.

Build upon your current CNA skills and learn to administer medications in the long-term care setting safely. Twelve variable clinical hours scheduled within the time scheduled.

Book cost $35

Clinical insurance fee $10

Drug screening $35

Tuition $295

Hours: 45


For professionals renewing their EMT-Intermediate license and registration, NREMT and ODSH EMS require a review of some key topics. Cover all these specific topics, preparing you to renew your license.

Tuition $109

Hours: 36


Cover the topics you'll use on the job daily and required by NREMT and ODSH EMS for renewal of your EMT-Paramedic license and registration.

Book cost $78

Tuition $145

Hours: 48


NREMT and OSDH EMS require a review of several areas for renewal of your EMT license and registration. Review areas and meet your license requirements.

Tuition $75

Hours: 24


HLTH-3463 is a mandatory one-hour orientation explains the class structure, time commitment, and clinical associated fess and requirements. Must call (918) 828-5000 to register in advance of class date. Training is focused on blood collection techniques and specimen processing. You enjoy flexibility with the 48 hours blended online and weekly laboratory on-campus practice. Class concludes with 120 daytime clinical hours.

Tuition $0



Prerequisite: HLTH-3463.

After successful completion of the class, you will be eligible to take the state Long-Term Care (LTCNA) and HHA certification exam. You provide blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, khaki scrubs, black or white vinyl or leather duty shoes, and watch with second hand.

Book cost $95

Clinical insurance fee $10

Drug screening $35

Tuition $364

Hours: 91


Required skills/experience: Must provide a copy of current CNA card; photo ID with signature.

Prepares the OSDH Certified Long Term Aide for taking the skills-based state exam, qualifying them to work in a home health setting. Must present evidence of certification at the time of enrollment; students certified CNA before March 2012 will need to take part in a separate state exam for certification.

Tuition $75

Hours: 16


Develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine while learning body systems and functions which are foundational for medical professionals.

Book cost $100

Tuition $259

Hours: 40


Continue developing knowledge in the language of medicine while learning body systems and function that are foundational for medical professionals.

Tuition $259

Hours: 40


Prerequisite: MDAS-3338.

Study and gain hands-on experience in the collection of blood specimens, assembly of phlebotomy equipment, proper techniques and testing procedures for blood samples.

Tuition $389

Hours: 60


Prerequisite: MDAS 3339.

Designed to offer you the skills and knowledge of pharmacology used by medical assistants in a variety of settings. Topics include drug classifications, systems of measurement, conversions, and guidelines for medication administration.

Tuition $259

Hours: 40


Prerequisite: MDAS-3341.

Continue to hone the skills necessary for excellent patient care in a medical office setting. Building on experiences from the

Tuition $329

Hours: 50


Prerequisite: MDAS-3341.

Ready to gain expertise in patient care? Delve into a hands-on medical office simulation/lab class while receiving the online learning that prepares you for the clinical back office setting.

Drug screening $35

Tuition $329

Hours: 50


Prerequisite: MDAS-3336.

Administrative medical assisting skills including medical record management, medical coding, and insurance will be a few topics to get you started on the road to a medical assisting profession. On campus final exam. High School Diploma or GED required to sit for the NCCT Certification Exam.

Book cost $255

Tuition $259

Hours: 40


Prerequisite: MDAS-3337.

Get ready to apply the skills and information learned in this office based clinical experience! You will work alongside medical assistants, physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals. Class end date is based on 20 clinical hours per week.

Clinical insurance fee $10

Tuition $519

Hours: 120


Pharmacy Technicians facilitate communications between medical professionals and act as an advocate for clients. Designed to prepare you for entrance into retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, and clinics. You are eligible to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam (CPhT).

Book cost $135

Drug screening $50

Tuition $525

Hours: 80


Designed as a review in preparation for the PTCB (Pharmacy Tech Certification Board) exam.

Book cost $55

Tuition $95

Hours: 12


Prerequisite: Current COA required.

Gain confidence and skills! Review content areas of the COT (Certified Ophthalmic Technician) exam so you can successfully prepare for the practical skills section of the exam.

Tuition $59

Hours: 8


Prerequisite: Current COA required.

Review the content areas of the COT (Certified Ophthalmic Technician) exam so you can confidently prepare for the written sections of the test.

Book cost $20

Tuition $95

Hours: 12