So a small business is your dream. Explore the decisions necessary from entity selection to tax obligations. Understand your entity choices, pros and cons, required legal documentation, federal and state responsibilities, accounting choices, and income tax filings. Brought to you by Tulsa Tech at 36 Degrees North.

Tuition $25

Hours: 3


Required skill/experience: Basic computer skills, not Mac supported.

Starting a business? Changing accounting systems? Organize your business finances in an efficient and manageable manner using QuickBooks Pro 2018. Navigate the essentials of setting up new customer and vendor accounts and customizing reports, explore creating invoices, recording sales, and entering payments. 

Book cost $95

Tuition $245

Hours: 36


Could QuickBooks be a valuable tool for your new or established business? Experience the software in action to determine if it’s the right fit for you! Brought to you by Tulsa Tech at 36 Degrees North.

Tuition $25

Hours: 2


How do you get your business off the ground? Many times, the answer to that question typically costs a pretty penny. When you team with SCORE, that answer is free!

Tuition $0

Hours: 3


Don’t be intimidated by LinkedIn. Uncover all the tips and tricks in this step-by-step breakdown of how to get noticed using LinkedIn.

Tuition $25

Hours: 4


Is working virtually your new normal? Do you need help navigating virtual software systems used by businesses? Experience the differences between Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Enjoy a blended learning format, where the first session will consist of a face-to-face meeting on campus and the second session will be a virtual practice class from the comfort of your own home. You can bring your device or use ours.

Tuition $29

Hours: 5


Do you own a business or provide a service and want to create a marketing video to support your business? Discover how the film production process works to create a video to promote or advertise your business. Experience the creative process and begin developing videos.

Tuition $165

Hours: 30


Do you wonder how a good website might move your business to the next level? Whether you are at the beginning stages, not sure where to even start, or just need help attracting more of the right people to your site, this class is perfect for you! Brought to you by Tulsa Tech at 36 Degrees North.

Tuition $125

Hours: 15


Create a website that is uniquely yours using WordPress. Learn to apply themes and upgrades, use widgets and media management for images, audio, and video, and discover other WordPress-hosted services and web technologies.

Tuition $95

Hours: 15


Ever wanted to create a specific marketing piece? Explore this essential software to improve your marketing materials. Add impressive designs and layouts to your creations and leave with a finished product ready for print or digital media use.

Tuition $49

Hours: 9


Expand your online business presence. Your business can significantly benefit from your understanding of different social media platforms and how to use them to generate leads and effectively communicate with customers!

Tuition $0

Hours: 24