Private Security - Phase IV (Firearms)

 Required skills/experience: Successfully completed Phase I/II or Phase I/III prior to enrollment, minimum age 21 years, and pass the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test.

Required training criteria for Armed Security and/or Armed Private Investigator Licensing. Instruction includes weapon nomenclature and inspection, shooting fundamentals, and safety per CLEET standards. Training will include 12 hours of classroom learning and 20 hours of on-range instruction and qualifying exercises. Successful completers will have 100% attendance, score 85% or better on written tests and pass all CLEET qualifications on-range, and pass the CLEET Phase IV testing to be eligible for making an application for licensing. You will be required to supply all personal protective equipment, weapon, belt, holster, 3 magazines, and 400-450 rounds of NEW ammunition. Background check and fingerprints required. No weapons are allowed on campus. Class is held at TCSO Range.

Book cost $10

Tuition $239

Hours: 32