Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: Basic computer skills. Prepare for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification to become an effective personal trainer. Understand the ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model for designing individualized programs based on each client's unique health and fitness goals. You will help clients to improve posture, movement, flexibility, core function, cardiorespiratory fitness, and muscular endurance and strength.

Hours: 32


Prerequisite: None

Be more confident with your caregiver skills. Designed for those with limited medical backgrounds who care for relatives in their home. Includes effects of Alzheimer's Disease and communication/care for clients with dementia.

Hours: 4


Prerequisite: None

Have you heard the buzz about the value of aromatherapy? Introduction will focus on alternatives to some traditional medicines, the creation of natural cleaners, and the use of essential oils.

Hours: 3


Prerequisite: Must be at least 11 years old to attend.

Young entrepreneurs considering summer child care will gain adequate preparation in child care, safety, and potential household emergencies in this engaging interactive class. You need to bring a sack lunch.

Hours: 7


Prerequisite: None

Take charge of your health and the health of important people in your life through awareness, prevention and management strategies. This free come-and-go event offers a variety of health information and resources, including informational presentations on diabetes, seizures, and Alzheimer's disease. One-hour sessions are repeated throughout the morning.

Hours: 4