Leisure & Recreational Activities


Prerequisite: None

Interested in starting a new hobby or pursuing a career in taxidermy? Develop a working knowledge of the principles with an introduction to bird, big game, shoulder mounts, and life-size and pedestal mammal mounts. Demonstrations with birds, big game and exposure to novelty taxidermy. Gain hands-on experience in skinning birds, deer, and waterfowl.

Book cost $30

Tuition fee $ 145

Hours: 15.00


Prerequisite: TXDM-3333.

Life-Size Taxidermy is designed to give you hands-on experience in mounting small mammals for a new hobby or pursuing a career in taxidermy. You will mount a life-size fox squirrel, enriching the working knowledge of taxidermy principles that can be used to prepare all life size mammals.

Tuition fee $ 245

Hours: 30.00