Law & Public Safety


Prerequisite: None

Unarmed private security guards acquire skills in writing accurate field notes, responding to emergency situations, honing your observation skills, interpreting legal documents, discussing patrolling techniques, public relations, documentation tips, and investigative procedures.

Book cost $25

Tuition fee $ 145

Hours: 40.00


Prerequisite: None

Advance your skills in surveillance, investigations, communications and court testimony. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of developing and maintaining client trust. Study federal and state statutes, contracts and disclosures. 100% attendance is required.

Book cost $10

Tuition fee $ 145

Hours: 35.00


Prerequisite: None

Every business, organization or facility should have a plan in place to deal with an Active Shooter Emergency situation. Discuss the identification of potential threats, stages of a disaster, action steps and how to deal with the after-effects of an emergency situation.

Tuition fee $ 25

Hours: 3.00


Prerequisite: None

Hours: 8.00