Health Education


Prerequisite: None

Practice lifesaving CPR skills for the adult, child, and infant using the most current AHA guidelines. Learn to use an AED and relieve choking. (DHS childcare providers see Pediatric CPR & First Aid - HLTH-3411.) Book included.

Tuition fee $ 59

Hours: 4.50


Prerequisite: None

This class meets DHS childcare licensing requirements. Designed for all individuals involved in childcare; new parents, guardians and childcare workers. Practice lifesaving skills to rescue infants and children in cardiopulmonary distress, including prevention, first aid and CPR using the most current AHA guidelines. Book included.

Tuition fee $ 59

Hours: 6.50


Prerequisite: None

Develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine using word building skills. Relate these terms to body systems and identify proper use of words in the medical environment.

Tuition fee $ 180

Hours: 45.00


Prerequisite: None

Continuation of the integration of biology and chemistry with focus on circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Online learning plus in class hands-on anatomy dissections.

Tuition fee $ 240

Hours: 60.00