Health Careers


Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: Current OK CMA and CNA; photo ID with signature. Instruction meets the requirements of the OSDH and will keep your Certified Medication Aide status current.

Tuition fee $ 35

Hours: 8.00


Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: ODH Form 842 (call 800.695.2157) or permission from CMA coordinator, current CNA, no abuse notations at the Nurse Aide Registry. Bring photo identification to first class. Class DOES NOT count as retraining or CEU. No clinical. Book(s) are additional cost.

Tuition fee $ 95

Hours: 20.00


Prerequisite: Must attend a Flex Start Orientation FLEX-3433 prior to enrolling.

Interested in healthcare? Want to attend class on your schedule? This class prepares you for entry level to the "hub" of the hospital which provides critical services in the preparation and distribution of supplies and equipment. Upon completion of class and prescribed work hours, you are eligible to sit for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician certification exam which is desirable in many hospitals. Book cost: $80 Tuition: $359 Hours: 45 FLEX - Tues., Wed., Thurs., and one scheduled Saturday per month (excluding holidays or school closures) Hours: 10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm - Saturday hours are 8am-12pm

Book cost $80

Tuition fee $ 359

Hours: 45.00


Prerequisite: None

Training is focused on blood collection techniques and specimen processing. You enjoy flexibility with the 48 hours blended online and weekly laboratory on-campus practice. Class concludes with 120 daytime clinical hours.

Book cost $70

Tuition fee $ 699

Hours: 48.00


Prerequisite: None

See HLTH-3461A.

Hours: 120.00


Prerequisite: MDAS-3338 Required skills/experience: Basic Computer Skills.

Study and gain hands-on experience in the collection of blood specimens, assembly of phlebotomy equipment, proper techniques and testing procedures for blood samples.

Tuition fee $ 389

Hours: 60.00


Prerequisite: MDAS 3339 Required skills/experience: Basic computer skills.

Designed to offer you the skills and knowledge of pharmacology used by medical assistants in a variety of settings. Topics include drug classifications, systems of measurement, conversions, and guidelines for medication administration.

Tuition fee $ 259

Hours: 40.00


Prerequisite: MDAS-3337 Get ready to apply the skills and information learned in this office based clinical experience! You will work alongside medical assistants, physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals.

Class end date is based on 20 clinical hours per week.

Tuition fee $ 519

Hours: 120.00


Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: Current CNA card in LTC. Prepares the OSDH Certified Long Term Aide for working in the home health setting. Must present evidence of certification at the time of enrollment. Requires 8 hours of online instruction within scheduled dates.

Tuition fee $ 75

Hours: 16.00


Prerequisite: HLTH-3445; Must be 18, have GED, 6 months experience working as a CNA, no abuse notations at the Nurse Aide Registry.

Build upon your current CNA skills and learn to safely administer medications in the long term care setting. Twelve variable clinical hours scheduled within the time scheduled.

Book cost $35

Tuition fee $ 275

Hours: 45.00


Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: Must provide a copy of current CMA and CNA card; photo ID with signature. Cannot have any abuse notations at the Nurse Aide Registry.

Tuition fee $ 65

Hours: 8.00


Prerequisite: None

Required skills/experience: Must have current CMA and CNA card; photo ID with signature. Cannot have any abuse notations at the Nurse Aide Registry. Clinical insurance required.

Tuition fee $ 75

Hours: 10.00


Prerequisite: None

Pharmacy Technicians facilitate communications between medical professionals and act as an advocate for clients. Designed to prepare you for entrance into retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, and clinics. You are eligible to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam.

Book cost $135

Tuition fee $ 525

Hours: 80.00