EPA Section 608 Certification

Prerequisite: None

EPA Section 608 Certification students, please note, it is recommended that you enroll at least two weeks prior to the class start date to allow time to study your materials in preparation for the certification exam. Enrollments can be taken by phone or in person at the Tulsa Tech Career Service Center, 3420 S. Memorial Drive. Upon enrollment, you will receive a Preparatory Manual, Study Guide and information on how to access free online practice exams. Classes are taught in English; however, the exam is available in Spanish. Prepare for and take the exam meeting all the requirements of Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act for refrigerant handling. The first half of the class provides an overview of all the information air conditioning and refrigeration service personnel will need to successfully become certified as a universal technician. During the second half of the class, you will take the online certification exam. You are allowed one free exam retake; retake dates will be announced on the first night of class. No hands-on recovery training is provided. Manual and Exam Fee required.

Book cost $30

Tuition fee $ 89

Hours: 8.00